Dash camera video from a Texas patrol car captured the moments that an alleged drunk driver narrowly missed striking an officer, his patrol car and another citizen's car.

The Bridgeport Texas Police Department identified the officer as Police Corporal Taylor, who was stopping a car for a minor traffic violation when he noticed a second car driving toward him in the wrong direction.

Taylor was fortunately able to quickly and safely move out of the car's path, clear the initial traffic stop he was conducting and then locate the suspect.

The driver was tracked down on Highway 380 and found to be under the influence of alcohol, according to the police department. He was arrested and spent the rest of his evening in the Wise County Jail on multiple charges.

"Once again, Cpl Taylor handled himself with a calm professional demeanor during this event," the department said on Facebook. "I'm confident his commitment to physical fitness and divine intervention also played a role in the outcome of this incident."