Complaints to the FCC from Verizon customers totaled more than all the complaints of the past eight months, according to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

From Jan. 1 through Aug. 31, FCC received 1,442 complaints about Verizon. In September, complaints suddenly spiked, with a total of 2,079 complaints for the month. The surge in complaints is attributed to unexplained overages in data use and other fees affecting thousands of customers of the largest national wireless carrier last month.

Some customers claimed they were being billed for thousands of dollars in overages.

A number of websites and social media hashtags critical of Verizon have cropped up, giving disgruntled customers a forum for their grievances. Under the #VerizonHorrorStories hashtag on Twitter, Bjorn Hustrulid tweeted she cancelled her service after being billed for $6,000.

On the Consumer Affairs website, Garrett of San Jose recounted an incident in which he traveled to Canada and accepted an offer from Verizon to pay $2 per day to use data while out of the country, otherwise it would be $2.05 per MB. Hours later, Verizon texted to inform him

Verizon did not immediately respond to an email with questions about the source of the problems and what it was doing to correct them.