A nine-year-old Northeast Ohio girl, who is a hunter and got her first deer kill is at the center of what some are calling a "hunter shaming" incident.

Domonique Yatsko wore a sweatshirt to school commemorating the event and was told by her teacher that “killing animals is not what we do.” Shaming, in other words, according to Outdoor News.

In the article, author Mike Moore said that the family has a tradition that, when one of its members takes his or her first deer, they celebrate the occasion.

That celebration included a photo of the cleaned up and unbloodied deer on a sweatshirt for Domonique.

She wore the sweatshirt to school and was "shamed," according to author Mike Moore. Other school officials were also unsympathetic. Others at the school also ridiculed her and Moore says that she threw the sweatshirt out when she got home from school.