A warning is out from the FDA and the potential for Hepatitis A. The warning is tied into three Modesto restaurants. However, it appears the warning is much less of a concern here.

Tuna flash frozen from Hawaii is what Damon Robbins uses at his Camp 4 restaurant in Modesto.

"We use it just for our Poke bowl which is pretty popular," says restaurant owner Damon Robbins.

But it was tuna from another label that put the restaurant on an FDA list receiving samples that may be contaminated with hepatitis A. It turns out that wasn't the case here.

"We haven't had it since the 5th of May. We haven't carried their product which was a specific brand. So anybody who has eaten since then hasn't had the opportunity to ingest that contaminated product," says Robbins.

Two other Modesto restaurants are on that FDA recall list. The restaurants included are Galleto Ristorante and Fuzio Universal Bistro.

However, the FDA says no one has come down with any illness related to the recalled frozen tuna.

The May 18 frozen tuna recall was distributed from the Hilo Fish company in Hawaii. 17 restaurants in California, along with others in Texas and Oklahoma, are named in the recall.

The FDA advises if you ate any of the frozen fish within the past two weeks to contact your local health department.

"Most people who get it can recover from it. However, in rare cases people can develop liver complications and possibly death," says Anuj Bhatia with the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency.

According to the FDA, symptoms for Hepatitis A include fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice, abnormal liver tests, dark urine and pale stool.

Damon Robbins says he wants to be transparent and let his customers and the public know none of the fish named by the FDA was served by his restaurant.

"We haven't had any kick back from it. We feel that our customers are safe," says Robbins.

In the case of Galletto Ristorante, the manager says they received a one-pound frozen sample of the tuna recalled sent to them that they never requested and never used.

The restaurant says they never use frozen fish.

Fuzio Universal Bistro says they last served the tuna brand in question over three weeks ago and have not received any complaints.