The trial for a man accused of throwing a pie at former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who allegedly proceeded to fight the pie-thrower, will begin on May 2. 

On Sept. 22 of last year, Johnson was allegedly hit with a pie at Sacramento High School's Farm-To-Fork Seeds of Hope dinner. The pie-thrower was later identified as Sean Thompson, 32, of Sacramento, who was charged with felony assault of a public official and one misdemeanor charge of battery on school or park property. 

 A witness said Johnson threw punches and tackled Thompson during the incident. 

On Monday, a trial court was assigned in the case.

"Among the final pre-trial motions argued Tuesday morning will be the defense of necessity, which asserts that while a crime may have been committed it was necessary to prevent a greater evil, said Claire White of the Vallejo law firm Morton & Russo, who is representing pro bono Thompson, in a press release.

As many as 13 police officers are expected to testify later this week, and Johnson's sexual assault history could be permitted at the trial, the release said.