SAN ANTONIO -- On Thursday, people upset about Donald Trump's election floated an option that could deny him the White House.

For a second night, Americans protested the election of Donald Trump. Americans are taking to the streets and pushing for a Constitutional Hail Mary to stop Trump from becoming president.

“I feel sad, pissed off, and kind of degraded as a woman,” UTSA student Zoe Bacon said. “I think [Trump’s election is] a horrible representation of our country, and I would love to see anyone else in office except for Donald Trump.”

A petition on has about 2 million signatures asking the Electoral College to award their votes to Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump. Constitutional expert and political science professor Dr. Matthew Brogden at UTSA says that the members of the Electoral College, or electors, are chosen by their individual states.

“29 states bind their electors,” Dr. Brogden said. “That is as a matter of state law, they command their electors to vote for the person who won the popular vote in the state. The other 21 states do not bind their electors in that way.”

Texas is among the states with unbound electors. In August, one Texas elector, firefighter Christopher Suprun, told Politico that he might not vote for Trump if he didn't change in his tone.

“I think he won it,” said Arvin Gowens, a Trump supporter. “I think America voted. There was a vote. We voted.”