There's more voters registered in California than there are people in most states.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla reported 18.2 million people registered to vote by September 9th for the presidential election, according to a compilation of numbers reported by California’s 58 county elections offices.

"This is a major milestone," Padilla said in a press release. He credits the high-profile election cycle, social media's ability to help push online voter registration and outreach by campaigns, businesses, elections officials and community officials.

This isn't even the final tally for how many Californians will be ready to cast a ballot in November.

Over the course of five days (Sept. 23-27), the secretary of state reported 370,000 people completed their online voter registration thanks to a reminders from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram on National Voter Registration Day.

Of the 18.2 million registrants in California, most are Democrat (45.21 percent) followed by Republican (26.78 percent). The third most registered affiliation is no party affiliation (23.38 percent).

Registration by age group shows younger voters (ages 17.5 to 25) make up the smallest registered voter pool (12.09 percent), while people ages 66 and up make up about 20.73 percent of the potential voting population -- the largest group.

Merced County has the youngest potential voting population, with 17.47 percent of people registered being under 25 years old.