The discussion of steel has been frequently mentioned by Donald Trump throughout his campaign, but do the facts of his actions support his talking points?

In one of the final questions of last night's debate, Trump once again harped on his ongoing problem with the steel industry and how it's affecting Americans.

"We have to bring back our workers," Trump said to the crowd. "You take a look at what's happening to steel and the cost of steel, and China dumping vast amounts of steel all over the United States, which essentially is killing our steel workers and our steel companies."

Well, according to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the industry is alive and well with America producing more structural steel than it uses, providing jobs for 160,000 Americans.

Hillary Clinton then added her own thoughts on the industry. While she agreed with his statement about China, she also singled out Trump as part of the issue.

"China is illegally dumping steel in the United States and Donald Trump is buying it to build his buildings," Clinton said.

It's widely known the Donald J. Trump Collection of suits, ties and other goods are made by Chinese manufacturers, opting not for those here in the U.S.

But what's been under the radar is that in two of his last three construction projects, Trump has opted for the use of Chinese steel and aluminum, according to Newsweek.


The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago was one of those construction projects, and, according to the Newsweek expose, American manufacturers lost out on more than $350 million in sales.

Let's 'Make America Great Again' is probably Trump's most notable slogan from his campaign, and part of that has come with the added focus on stating he's going to create more jobs for American workers, including the steel industry.

If creating jobs is something he's truly vying for, then why did he not make that decision when he had the option to with the hotel projects? Is it possible to believe his statement against the influx of China steel when he himself has used overseas manufacturers?

These are only a few questions that come to mind that highlight how his actions show the opposite of what he's been pitching to voters.

Most American Steel is produced from recycled steel (old cars, dishwashers, coat hangers, etc.). Producing steel from iron ore is not good for the environment, so American steel being produced from recycled scrap contributes to saving the environment.