Alternative facts? That's what California's recently elected Rep. Jimmy Gomez calls the president's proclamation that Republicans won all five special elections this year.

After the country's last two special elections — in Georgia and South Carolina — were called for the GOP on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump tweeted:

Trump was quickly called out by Rep. Gomez, who was a candidate in California's June 6 special election to fill the vacant seat Congressional District 34. The seat was vacated when Xavier Bacerra was appointed to serve as the state's attorney general.

We looked into the president's claim and can verify that he is incorrect.

Five states did hold special elections this year: California, Georgia, South Carolina, Montana and Kansas. Republicans did win four out of five of those seats, but California's seat remained blue.

Here's the results of the other races:

  • Georgia District 6: Karen Handel (R) 52% / Jon Ossoff (D) 52%
  • South Carolina District 5: Ralph Norman (R) 51.1% / Archie Parnell (D) 48%
  • Montana's only House seat: Greg Gianforte (R) 50 % / Rob Quist (D) 44%
  • Kansas District 4: Ron Estes (R) 53% / James Thompson (D) 46%

In fact, no Republicans were even in the run-off for the California District 34 race

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