PORTLAND, Ore. — A Northeast Portland couple found hateful graffiti spray painted on their home and car, warning them to go back to California. The homeowners had just moved to Portland a few months before.

“It’s just super upsetting,” said homeowner Preston Page. He and his fiancé, Jessica Farady, found messages reading “Move back” and “Get California out of Portland” spray painted on their home.

The couple’s car, which still has a California license plate, was tagged with graffiti reading “Go Back to California” and “Cali! Surfs Up.”

“It breaks my heart because these people are young and new to the city and they put so much work into this place and to have someone come along and do something like this is obscene," said neighbor Karen Ross.

It is not clear who is responsible for the vandalism. Police have taken a report and will investigate.

The couple, who recently moved from California, think the crime may be related to a road rage incident a day earlier. Page said the incident occurred outside of their home in the Rose City neighborhood.

“The driver yelled, ‘Go back to f—ing California!’ Every piece of hate is California related. I’m not a police officer but I think I can connected the dots,” said Page.

The couple is doing what it can to cover up the ugly vandalism with some fresh paint and plans on staying.

“We’re still really grateful to be here,” said Page.