Imagine, you're full of holiday spirit and just about to step out with your family to pick out the perfect Christmas tree, only to find your car stolen.

That's exactly what happened to one San Francisco man, but with the help of Reddit, he got a happy ending.

Sabastiaan de With bought his 1991 Land Rover Defender earlier this year.

"They're these really iconic four by four cars," said de With.

The cars are hard to come by, so when de With found one he loved, he went all the way to Texas to pick it up.

Unfortunately, the day after Thanksgiving was the start of a nightmare for him.

"My wife and I were going to go down the hill to get a Christmas tree from the lot," said de With. When he stepped into the garage and found his car was gone.

"I look around, and I can't find my car. It's not there."

De With's car had been stolen. He filed a police report but there were no results all weekend.

"I was really bummed that Monday."

So, de With decided to take the matter into his own hands.

"In the middle of the day," explained de With. "I was like, okay the best thing I can do is post like a tweet and a Facebook message, and Instagram and got to get the word out, get a picture out there."

De With also posted to the website Reddit, where users like Pablo Delarosa remembered seeing his car around town.

"I noticed he said to look specifically for Texas plates," explained Delarosa. "I remember basically hearing, no seeing the Texas plate Land Rover."

Other good Samaritans started reaching out as well, including one who actually found de With's car.

"Hey I'm here with your car," read the message. "Call me. I've called the cops. I'll stay with your car until the police show up or you come here. I found it!"

De With offered the good Samaritan a reward, but they refused.

"He replied back no, it's fine," said de With. "I just want you to have a happy holidays. I just did what anyone would have done. If you really want to do something, my brother has a nonprofit in Oakland you can donate to. I was like wow. That's amazing."

Though the thieves weren't caught, and the car has some damage, de With is very grateful.

"I'm just over joyed to see how wonderful people are and how well they look out for each other. It's definitely restored my faith in humanity in a way."