Dean Harris works at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. He was working his usual night shift when the shootings in Las Vegas happened that killed at least 59 people and injured over 500 others.

"Every door of the hospital had people coming through it," Harris said. "Pretty early on in the shift, you start hearing a radio buzz about gunfire and then it started to escalate to a mass shooting, a lot of victims coming in."

Harris said as the rush of people started coming in, a doctor marked on people's foreheads designating where they had to go to.

"There wasn't time to be emotional in that moment. There was so many people to take care of all at the same time," Harris said. "You really had to suppress that. It's not something I tried to do. It just kicked in."

However, through all the chaos, he saw hope.

"At one point there was a Good Samaritan that brought in a few victims in the back of his pickup truck and just pulled the bed and started getting people out of his truck.," Harris said.