The Stockton Animal Shelter will be closed until Tuesday due to a shelter dog that tested positive for Streptococcus Equi Zooepidemicus (Strep Zoo), according to the City of Stockton Animal Shelter.

The shelter says that dogs who are infected by this specific bacteria “experience sudden death due to hemorrhagic pneumonia, often within just 2-3 days of exposure.”

Officials say they had a necropsy performed at UC Davis on the dog in question and the preliminary findings confirm the positive lab results.

The shelter does not have any plans of evacuating, but has euthanized the animals that were highly exposed.

“We are currently treating the dog population with antibiotics, and our veterinarian staff will be closely monitoring their health,” A Facebook post from the shelter read. “We are not accepting any new animals into the shelter, as we do not want to put them at risk of infection."