Stockton's City Council took another step forward with the controversial Advance Peace Program Tuesday evening.

The council decided 6-1 to move forward with the program, which focuses on people at high rick of violent crime.

Those enrolled will go through the 18-month program, learning job skills and receiving money for participation.

Some have criticized the Advance Peace Program, saying it is paying criminals not to commit crimes and that it is a waste of tax payer money.

Mayor Michel Tubbs have said the the program does not actually use any city funds.

Mayor Tubbs sent the following statement to ABC10:

"Tonight the council moved to add another tool to our arsenal for violence prevention. Thank you to the community organizations and organizers that supported and pushed for the program. We are thankful to the philanthropic community for supporting our efforts In making Stockton safe and for all the residents who came out and sent in letters of support. Crime is our top priority and as a council we will continue to work with our police department, Office of Violence Prevention, and the community to create the community we deserve"