Alicia Leon is desperately looking for work.

"My confidence is going to be better. I'm going to have clothes that I can go and feel good about myself," says Leon.

The 46-year-old was referred by a local agency to Stockton's Dress for Success.

“My chances are good. My confidence is going to be better. I’m going to have clothes that I can go and feel good about myself," Leon said.

Her confidence is up thanks to the ladies who run Stockton's non-profit "Dress for Success."

It's a non-profit international organization that empowers low-income women. Volunteers get women ready for a job interview, prepping them with questions and fitting them into suits and accessories all for free.

“We are located in 150 cities and 24 countries. And so we brought Dress for Success here to Stockton to empower women to do the same," says Deffria Bass, founder and executive director for Dress For Success Stockton.

But last week, the Stockton location was burglarized. Glass was shattered by a brick at night. High end purses, designer suits, shoes and accessories donated by the community were gone.

There was broken glass and a brick on their carpet.

"For them to break the window and come in it was really just useless. They didn't have to do that. We would have given them the things," said Carol Stafford, director of community relations and co-founder of Stockton Dress for Success.

The two women who run Dress for Success were visibly devastated and stunned by what they saw. Ironically, it was the first day the location saw clients after preparing to open since last summer.

All is donated for low income women to help them get a job.

Ironically, the break-in came on the first day the ladies met with their very first referral after planning to open since last August.

But, it didn’t stop the ladies from turning Alicia Leon into an interview ready "Aliciarella."

“I looked in the mirror and I said is this me? Thank you. You guys are amazing," said Leon.

Dress for Success is still a success.

Their store front is broken, but their spirit is not.

So far, no one has been arrested for the break-in.

If you would like to donate clothing, shoes, purses or jewelry or cash or volunteer, you can go to