Millennial women worry about the future of reproductive care over any other issue.

That's according to new research by Skimm Studies, a media site which analyzes data on issues concerning millennial women. The Skimm linked up with YouGov to survey a representative sample of Americans, including more than 500 millennial women ages 22 to 35, to see what their thoughts are on the current healthcare system following the November presidential election.

The study found healthcare is the most important issue to millennial women, over education, income inequality, terrorism and other issues. However, 62 percent of millennial women have gone without health insurance at some point in their lives and one-fifth of women reported being uninsured at the time they were surveyed.

Additionally, 43 percent of millennial women reported being confused about the U.S. healthcare and among women who are insured, only 39 percent said they understand their deductibles.

Birth control is a major concern for millennial women, with six out of 10 reported using a form of birth control. The majority, 84 percent, believe birth control should be free and available to all women.

Millennial women are also twice as likely as the general population to have taken Plan B (16 percent vs. 6 percent).

The study also found, millennial women are especially protective about Planned Parenthood. Nearly half of all millennial women support federal funding for all Planned Parenthood services while 17 percent say they support funding for "some but not all" services. Skimm found 28 percent reported receiving care for Planned Parenthood and 37 percent said they know someone who has.