We all have our vices whether it's binging on Netflix, chocolate, reading books and much more.

But younger millennials are spending a lot of money on their vices.

Bankrate did a survey that showed how millennials (between ages 18 to 26) are making unnecessary purchases that are unhealthy for their body and budgets.

At least three times a week, 54 percent of people in this age group eat out, 30 percent said they buy coffee and at least once a week 51 percent go to a bar.

But not all vices are bad for you.

According to Health.com, they rated 10 vices that are actually good for you, which actually included coffee, chocolate, basking in the sun, rub downs and others.

Though the Health study states they're good for you, the Bankrate survey is right, you're still losing money in the process.