HOUSTON - At a home in Houston's east end there is plenty to scare you, but the man behind the Halloween house on Delmar street says one thing, one man truly sends chills down his spine.

"The scariest thought is this man becoming President," said Mark Rodriguez.

After 10 years of elaborate Halloween displays, for Rodriguez, 2016 turned political.

"This year it meant a lot more," said Rodriguez. "His comments about Mexicans fired up the whole Latino community."

Rodriguez took a doll resembling Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, hung it by a noose and displayed it in his front yard.

"It's not a threat towards Trump, it's just the way I feel," said Rodriguez.

A little much? Maybe. But not in this minority, majority neighborhood.

"People have actually put up chairs so they can stand their children right next to it," said Rodriguez.

Neighbors like Elizabeth Webb stopped by for a photo.

"It's hilarious," said Rodriguez. "It is. He just doesn't need to be our President."

If you haven't figured it out yet, Rodriguez will vote for Hillary Clinton on Election Day. So are his neighbors.

"Women have mood swings," said Webb. "But I prefer Hillary over (Trump) anytime"

Rodriguez hopes his hanging Trump that's gone viral spooks up enough votes to make Trump just a bad nightmare.

"I can't wait until November 8th, so we can put Trump to rest and we'd be over with it," said Rodriguez. "We can start making our country good again."