An illustrated book is taking aim at President Donald Trump and his tweets.

'Stop F**king Tweeting and Go the F**k to Sleep, Mr. President' is an illustrated book written by John Spreincer McKellyanne Huckamucci. According to Newsweek, the name is a pseudonym that scrambles up names of various prominent members of Trump's administration, including Reince Priebus, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Anthony Scaramucci.

The book, which is currently sold out on Amazon, is described as "a bedtime book for civilized citizens."

The title appears to be modeled after the book 'Go the F**ck to Sleep' by Adam Mansbach.

President Trump has been criticized for his habit of late night tweeting, including the infamous "Covfefe" tweet.

The cover of the book features the 45th president running across the front lawn of the White House in a diaper with an iPhone.

Amazon described the book as "a book for Americans new, old, and expectant."

Each page features an image of a childlike Donald Trump, including one of him in a onesie playing with an iPhone while sitting in a baby bouncer.

While the paperback, which costs $9, is temporarily out of stock, Kindle users can get the book for free.