Airline fees are seemingly synonymous with trying to take a flight, but there are some fees accompanied with airlines of which consumers are unaware.

Hawaiian Airlines was recently in the news over a fee that was charged to a 26-year-old man with autism.

The man's mother said that her son has never had any issue with other airlines assisting him through the airport, and Hawaiian was the only airline that charged a fee for the action, according to her interview with

Officials with the airline released a statement to the publication reiterating their policy that passengers with disabilities can be escorted from the curb to the gate and vice versa free of charge, but any additional assistance is subject to a fee, which is why they're providing the family with a refund due to error of this situation.

The mother noted the fee was $100.

This situation has brought to the forefront the continuing discussion of airline fees. What weird fees are passengers having to pay for?

If you're ever flying American Airlines just be aware that bringing aboard antlers will cost you a fee of $150. Also, if you're planning on going boogie, skim or speed boarding for vacation, if the board is larger than 50lbs and/or 62 inches, it will cost you a fee of $150 to bring it along.

Antlers and boogie boards might be rare items to bring on a plane, depending on who you are, but they are certain fees we all deal with, not counting the luggage, food or beverage rates.

Many people have smart phones, laptops and other devices we'd like to bring on flights and Wi-Fi is typically needed with some of those devices. Well, Delta Airlines has an unlimited 24-hour Wi-Fi pass that costs $16.

For ticket change fees based on the fare and ticketing rules it states, “For travel within the 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the fee is $200 for Delta-marketed flights,” according to ticket changes page.

Though some bookings are eligible for free cancelation for 24-hours after purchase, Spirit Airlines web modifications or cancelations have a $90 per customer fee attached with it. In other words, families of four or more can expect $360 in cancellation fees.

These are just a few of the fees from a few airlines that a passenger could pay for. To learn more just visit an airlines website to figure out more information on what's considered a fee-worthy offense and the difference in fee rates.