What happened to the 1000 block of J Street? Next to Citizen Hotel, a cluster of buildings are vacant and dilapidated.

Councilman Steve Hansen said around 2006, several buildings were occupied until people moved out and developers bought the properties for possible high rises. 10 years later and nothing has happened.

"I think first the property owners, speculating here, to do things that are just not feasible and then sitting on it for so long," Hansen said. "I also think the city is responsible for letting them get away for it."

Hansen said the conditions of the properties will expire this year and something needs to happen whether it's the city that comes in.

"I remember just growing up around here and things just slowly shutting down," said Matthew Gregory, Sacramento resident.

Hansen said not only is it an eyesore but also a safety issue. He called police as we saw several people going in one and out of the empty buildings during our interview.

He said other blocks in the downtown area were in somewhat similar conditions but are now under development.

One of the property owners we spoke with, John Saca, blamed the city for making it "economically unfeasible to build."