Robert Mueller's federal investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election has been ongoing, but Mueller announced today he filed criminal charges against two aides from Trump's campaign and another pleaded guilty.

The two men facing the criminal charges are Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. A federal grand jury charged them for covertly influencing the U.S. government for Russian groups in Ukraine, while also laundering profits through overseas accounts.

Manafort and Gates both pleaded not guilty to those charges while former campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopolous pleaded guilty for lying to FBI agents about meetings with a professor that he was aware had Russian government affiliation. The professor is said to have given Papadopolous information, through thousands of emails, on 2016 democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

With the first prosecutions underway, here's a look into the narratives coming from other countries and/or publications about the investigation (including headlines):

First we looked into The BBC News. This well-known news publication based in London posts about international breaking news. Their headline, via Twitter, about the investigation read "Ex-Trump aide charged with US tax fraud".

The BBC story focused a lot on what this means for Trump and how it affects him at this juncture of the investigation process.

The New Zealand Herald posted on Twitter with the headline saying "Two Trump campaign staffers surrender to FBI on conspiracy charges".

The Telegraph, a London-based publication, headline was longer than the BBC story and was a bit more detailed. The headline via Twitter read "Trump adviser pleads guilty to lying to FBI about meetings with Russians who had 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton".

However, The Telegraph story was focused more on Papadopolous, who pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI, and the timeline of his contact with the professor and other Russian connections.

Al Jazeera, another internationally known publication based from London, headline focused on the two aides "Ex-Trump aides Paul Manafort and Rick Gates charged". The story followed with focusing on Manafort's background and his role in the Russia probe.