Angie Dunn of Nampa had no idea just how much hair her newborn son would have, but she got a hint when she was pregnant. At an ultrasound, she was told her baby had a lot of hair, and he sure did!

When baby Oliver was born, he had so much hair, you could comb and style it. That's not really that unusual, but what happened next is.

"When he came out the doctor was like 'wow, he has a lot of hair,' and all of the nurses, everybody was like 'look at the hair, look at the hair!'", says Angie Dunn.

Baby Oliver didn't lose that newborn hair-do, in fact it just kept on growing.

"Longer and puffier, yes," Dunn said.

He's now 5 months old, and just by coincidence his hair is about five inches tall. It's an attention-grabber when they go out in public.

"The first thing is always like his hair, 'oh my gosh that hair' everybody always says, whenever we go anywhere," she said.

Dunn says she gets a lot of questions.

"Can I touch it? How old is he? Oh my gosh that hair. Do you and your husband have hair like that? What do you do to it? Do you blow dry it?"

She doesn't blow dry it, or use gel or spray, because after all, he's just a baby. But Oliver loves having his hair brushed.

"Yeah, he has a little brush," Dunn said. "I brush it but it still poofs back up!"

Dunn can't imagine her baby without his poofy hair.

"We've talked about that my husband and I are like, 'he would look so weird if he didn't have any hair!'" she said.

As for haircut? That's out of the question for now, but Angie knows that day is coming. It will be a sad one for her!

"Eventually he's going to have to have it cut, I just don't know when - I mean I can't bring myself to do it. Most people wait until their babies are a year old, but I just don't think he can wait that long."

For now, Oliver's hair is staying right where it is, in all its glory.