The UC Davis football team is preparing for its homecoming game this Saturday, and the stadium is expected to be packed. But one little girl is giving the team some added motivation to pick up a win this week.

ABC10 first introduced you to Reese Baker in 2016 when she was receiving treatment for B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia after being diagnosed at just six years old. Reese had her American Girl doll, Tracy, by her side to comfort her while she lost her hair after multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

In August of 2017, during ABC10's annual mediathon benefiting the Children's Miracle Network, Reese walked us through the halls of UC Davis Children's Hospital where she had been undergoing treatment since 2015.

We caught up with Reese again as she joined the UC Davis football team for practice where she got to participate in "Aggie jacks" and break down the huddle after the team's warm up. Reese's mother, Lisa, was humbled by the show of support by the team.

"I think sometimes you can get lost in the world and you have an experience like today and you do see that there is a community," Lisa said. "People do care. We're an amazing world."

Reese's invitation to practice is a warm up for Saturday afternoon at Aggie stadium. She has been named the honorary captain for the Aggie's Battle of the Horseshoe rivalry game against Cal Poly. She'll be taking the field with the team and calling the coin toss before kickoff at 4 p.m.

"We're the lucky ones," graduate student and tight end Derek Baljeu said. "She's the one that's really putting in the fight and has the heart to get through that and she does such significant things at such a young age."

While the Aggies are counting down to kickoff Reese and her family are counting down to Dec. 4, which is set to be her final day of treatment.

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