The Woodland High School Stadium Committee voted in favor of recommending that the school use funds to construct a brand new football stadium, replacing the dilapidated one built in 1971.

The Woodland Joint Unified School District will take the committee's unanimous vote as a recommendation and will vote next Thursday.

The Woodland Wolves haven't been able to play in their own stadium since October 2015 due to a laundry list of circumstances. Unsafe bleachers, a tilting press box, accessibility issues and eroding are just a few of the reasons the Wolves now share a football stadium at Pioneer High School with their cross-town rivals.

Thursday night's committee met to decide between salvaging the current site or to tear down and build a brand new venue.

The salvage effort would cost and estimated $150,000 just to investigate whether that option would even be feasible, as well as tack on an additional six months to the project.

The estimated total for a new stadium is estimated around $2.5 million, one of the cheapest stadiums in recent memory. According to a presentation from Brian Meyers of HMC Architects, the Will C. Wood stadium was a project that cost $14 million, which was $4 million for than originally estimated. Meyers said the Davis Blue Devils built their stadium for about $8 million.

Should the school board vote to move forward next Thursday, the next five months will be spent planning the construction. The Division of the State Architect would need to approve the construction documents by June 1, 2018, and after the bidding process for contractors is completed, construction could begin in August.

The construction of the venue would take a full year with certification to take place in September of 2019.

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