"I want them to come away with [that] they are special and whatever you've been through, if it's fair or unfair, it's okay because you're in control because you can work hard and if you put your mind to it...you can get anything accomplished."

Those were just some of the words from Sacramento Kings legend Chris Webber who's in town with the NBA on TNT crew ahead of DeMarcus Cousins first return as a visiting player to the city. While in town he took time to talk with local kids.

Webber made his rounds Thursday by visiting Arthur A. Benjamin Health High School for a special lunchtime assembly and also stopping by the Junior Kings Clinic.

"My mother's a teacher [for] over 30 years in the Detroit public school system, so this is something I've been used to my whole life and a lot of fun," said Webber about talking with kids. "I've watch my mom rally kids up."

At the high school, he spoke with over 300 students about the different paths within the sports industry and his personal journey following his playing career which led him to becoming a broadcaster.

Webber then helped teach students from Leataata Floyd Elementary School, at the Junior Kings basketball clinic, fundamentals of basketball as well as stressing the importance of health and teamwork.

To end the clinic, Webber shared some uplifting words for the kids.

"I just want to encourage you guys to keep chasing your dreams," he said, huddled around kids and faculty. "You are all special individually, whoever you are is so special, embrace that and do your best in school."