SACRAMENTO - Include the players of the Sacramento Kings as those who were stunned at Donald Trump's victory in Tuesday's presidential election.

Following their 102-94 victory on Tuesday night over the New Orleans Pelicans, players were surprised seeing news that Trump was close to being declared the winner over Hillary Clinton as the 45th president of the United States.

Minutes after the team's postgame media session, Trump was officially announced as the election's winner and the next president elect.

Following Wednesday's afternoon practice, where the team was preparing for Thursday's opponent in the Los Angeles Lakers, Kings' players were asked if Trump's win was a topic amongst the team as it was in other workplaces across the United States.

"Of course, everybody was talking about it," said point guard Ty Lawson, who admitted he didn't expect Trump's victory. "Instagram, the locker room, I don't think many people expected the outcome. It's a little different."

Two other Kings players, Rudy Gay and Garrett Temple, both whom have been outspoken on social issues and the political landscape, said this was a time for all citizens to come together.

"It was unexpected," said Temple. "We've got to just come together as a country. We've got a lot of problems as a country that we need to solve and we can only do it together.

Just two days ago, Temple and Gay, alongside teammates DeMarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes, took part in a town hall discussion, attempting to bridge the divide between youth and law enforcement.

Gay said that part of the message to the 150 high school students who attended Monday's discussion panel was appropriate the day after the election.

"That's America, no matter who is in charge, we still have to go out there and govern ourselves," Gay said. "I think people get away from that. They think a new president is going to change everything - we have to change our country.

"I think for us, our communities, we need to learn to govern ourselves and be mindful of the law, and also mindful of situations. I think there is a lot of different situations that could be avoided."

Lawson even suggested patience for the new president elect for those who were upset with Trump's win on Tuesday night.

"It is what it is," Lawson said. "Everybody's doubting Trump right now, but give him a chance and see how he does."

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