With the NBA Draft just two weeks away, all teams including the Sacramento Kings have begun holding individual workouts with potential prospects.

On Tuesday, projected first round pick, Duke forward Harry Giles was one of those prospects in town for his pre-draft workout. He discussed what the workout was like, overcoming adversity returning twice from a torn ACL and being ready for NBA life.

"The workout was great, having a lot of fun," said Giles. "It was my first workout, so for me a little nerves but good nerves wanting to do good [and] just excited for the experience."

A lot of questions surrounding Giles have been about his recovery from those ACL injuries, but he says at this point in time he feels great.

"No, no, I'm fine," he said. "One hundred percent healthy. [My] knees are great, body's great, and just ready to get better."

The recovery and rehab process was a journey but there was one thing he learned while enduring through it.

"Patience and I kind of giving yourself time, especially with injuries...it takes time to get back to full strength, said Giles.

Though the 6-foot-11 forward has dealt with injuries, people still consider him a first round talent in this draft and it has much to do with his noticeable versatility, which he thinks will help at the next level.

"I think versatility, being able to stretch out", he said. "Today the bigs, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Karl Towns, those bigs can do both, face-up and still play traditional back to the basket. I think I can kind of fit in in those areas."

He has fallen a bit on draft boards, but the Duke freshman is looking forward to the challenge wherever he lands.

"It's tough, because personally you want to do good, it's one of those things you kind of dream of and you work hard for it," he said.

"[But] I still worked hard for this moment too. Regardless if I go No. 1 or 60, you can still make a career," he added. "Anything is possible from any spot, so for me it's just staying motivated. A lot of people who went through what I went through still might not be at this point right here, so for me to be here I'm blessed and happy."

Giles will be heading to Portland next for a workout with the Trail Blazers and has about five more following that visit.

The NBA Draft is on June 22 in New York and with the Kings holding the No. 5 and No. 10 overall picks in the first round, expect more players like Giles to make pre-draft visits in the coming weeks.