The atmosphere of a sports franchise has a lot to do with fans and fan engagement, so it's only right that someone ranked these fan bases.

In an 2017 NFL Fandom Report produced by Emory University, the study ranked all 32 NFL fan bases based on a few different metrics.

So, who came in as the No. 1 fan base?

Well, the winner of that title goes to Dallas Cowboys fans and is fitting for a team who has been given the moniker "America's Team". Rounding out the top five included the New England Patriots (No. 2), Philadelphia Eagles (No. 3), New York Giants (No. 4) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 5)

This list may cause controversy and debate among certain fan bases who believe they should be higher. Of those fans, none should be more vocal than two Northern California rivals.

San Francisco 49ers fans, who landed in the No. 10 spot, can rejoice knowing that they landed 10 spots higher then their Bay Area nemesis -- the Oakland Raiders.

The three key factors providing the basis of the rankings were fan equity, social equity and road equity.

Fan equity focused on the home game box office revenues, social equity focused on the fans willingness to engage as part of the team's community and road equity is on how teams draw on the road after adjusting for team performance.

Though fans of the 49ers were 27th in road equity, they rated second overall in fan equity and seventh in social equity.

Despite being very low in fan and social equity, Raiders fans can say they support their team in any stadium (including road games) since they rated third overall in road equity.

The other California fan bases, now two Los Angeles teams, found themselves at the bottom of the list -- Chargers at No. 24 and the Rams at No. 31.

Do you agree with the rankings? Who should be higher, who should lower?