Get ready for the first big storm cycle of the season.

Today is the last day to get things done in dry weather. Plan on moving things you don't want to get wet or take off in the wind.

Rain might start to scatter overnight, then pick up big time in the morning. Unfortunately, the rain lines up perfectly with the Friday morning commute -- so, expect delays and crashes.

This is also the first big rain for many areas since April, which means all the slick road gunk could create random slick spots and cause more issues.

Bottom line: the morning commute is most likely going to be windy, rainy, and very very slow. Plan ahead.

For the Sierra we have one bigger issue with VERY strong wind.

Gusts will range in the 60 to 70 mph range for many spots, and over the tops of the mountains winds will be over 100 mph.

This will be the first real test for many dead and distressed trees in the Sierra and expect power outages at times for the High Sierra.

Rain should taper a bit later on Friday and part of Saturday, so it's not totally wet for the weekend. But more rain moves in late Saturday through Sunday, with rain on and off all day Sunday.

More rain and colder weather for Monday means snow close to the pass level -- before then it will be fairly high. We'll mostly get rain out of this in the beginning, then some snow at the end. This changes the game in many ways.

Reservoirs will start to fill, the fire season will start coming to a close (but not for southern California). We should be an inch or two above average for our rainy season.

As long as you are aware of a few issues and prepare, by the end of this we should be in good shape to start our rainy season. We just need to keep it up to help with the drought.