This is a pretty horrifying path for Hurricane Matthew.

This is the European model over the next week or so. Watch the major hurricane blast Haiti, then the Bahamas, then the eye wall (strongest winds) hug the Florida coast, then Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

This actually might be worst case scenario because so many more people will be affected. If it went straight into and over Florida, there would be damage, but a much smaller footprint. This could drag chaos for hundreds of miles.

The biggest concern is for Haiti and the Bahamas, in my opinion, because these countries and the people that live there have hard days even in the best of times. Haiti still has tens of thousands of people living in temporary tents and the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere does not have infrastructure to house all of these people. They are in effect riding out the storm in the elements which include horrendous wind, rain, lighting, tornado potential, and flooding. The aftermath might be worse as critical needs like food, water, and power could be down or out for weeks.

The last time a hurricane hit Haiti of this size, thousands of people died. We all need to watch this storm and react accordingly with help.

The Bahamas include a ton of low lying islands that could easily flood with storm surge. Tourism will be affected in the near term and that means jobs, and local economies already on the fringe, taking a big hit.

What happens in Florida will likely be very chaotic with millions of people on edge for days with the storm at least being close with wind and rain and flooding storm surge. If it actually hits it will be worse with power outages and other aftermath cleanup.

The storm is just getting started but has the potential to be one of the all-time dangerous storms in the region.