With summer around the corner, that means warm temperatures and increased increased snow melting and runoff.

Manual snow surveys by Department of Water Resources are done for the season, however, automatic sensors are still giving us a look at the snow pack across the Sierra. So, what did they find out?

Northern Sierra
Percentage of April average: 112 percent
Percentage of normal: 188 percent

Central Sierra
Percentage of April average: 143 percent
Percentage of normal: 204 percent

Southern Sierra
Percentage of April average: 119 percent
Percentage of normal: 171 percent

Across the state
Percentage of April: 128 percent
Percentage of normal: 190 percent

The snow depth is deep and dense. What doe that mean? Well, according to the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center website, the average the snow depth across the Sierra Nevada is approximately 24 inches and the average temperature of the snow pack is just below freezing. In the last 24 hours, nearly two inches of water have melted from the snow pack. The Snow Water Equivalent on average is around 10 inches across the Sierra Nevada.Current warm temperatures are causing the Sierra snow pack to melt, which results in increasing runoff and filling up California reservoirs.