We are in the middle of a wet cycle of rain, snow and wind, but there will be gaps this weekend.

Today, we should see fairly steady rain through the morning, then will see at least partial clearing this afternoon. The valley areas will see a little sun, some clouds and even a few stray showers into the afternoon. The mountains will see showers below 6,000 ft. and snow above, with chain controls possible over the passes into the evening and morning for Saturday.

Saturday morning should bring with it a few showers, but also clearing into the afternoon. It won't be completely dry and some of us will see a few showers and lingering snow up high.

Sunday morning, we see a few more showers and rain with continued snow.

Sunday evening, however, a new storm approaches that has all the bells and whistles of a classic big winter storm. We should see heavy rain move into Monday morning, snow down to about 7,000 ft., so passes may be impacted and strong winds with gusts up to 50 mph for the valley areas and stronger for the mountains. Rivers, creeks and streams will also rise though the day Monday.