Buzz builds on unauthorized 'Saved by the Bell' biopic

Saying things were tense behind the scenes of TV's Bayside High School could be a huge understatement.

At least, that's how Lifetime's Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story sees it.

The young actors of the hit '90s TV show Saved by the Bell weren't exactly as chummy as their characters in real life. There's actress Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle and is played in the movie by Taylor Russell McKenzie, throwing major shade — verbally and physically — at co-star Tiffani Thiessen, who was Kelly Kapowski on the show and is portrayed here by AlyssaLynch.

Then there's Mario Lopez, who was jock A.C. Slater and is portrayed for Lifetime by Julian Works, deciding a promo shoot is a good time to rip off some push-ups, and Screech's Dustin Diamond, played by Sam Kindseth, getting a little competitive.

Principal Belding, originally played by actor Dennis Haskins and played here by Ken Tremblett, sums things up nicely: "Well, if the network didn't kill us, the hormones might."

The original actors have said very little about Lifetime's project, with Lopez tweeting only "Really???" at the news. And Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jessie Spano and is embodied here by Tiera Skovbye, told Us Weekly that she recalls the experience as quite "innocent":

I am not really curious about (the Lifetime movie) to tell you the truth. We know the lives we lead and it was so innocent. Our parents were on set with us every day and it was so innocent. It was such a different time so I have no idea. … It's not our real journey on that show together. It was a really sweet time so I have no idea what it's going to be.


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