New White House press secretary? Oh, it's just Jay Carney clean-shaven

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney showed up for the daily briefing Friday with a new look, clean-shaven.

Carney had been growing out his beard since early January, but said it was time to make a change.

"There's cheers; there's applause in the back. Let's just say you're not the only one," Carney said during the briefing Friday.

Carney said he shaved that morning at home before coming to work. He said it took him longer than he expected to get clean-shaven.

So why did Carney shave?

"Okay a couple reasons. I heard that Anne Compton had bet that I would shave before State of the Union and I didn't want her to lose money and also, if you've seen Cody Keenan's beard, you know that I have a daily reminder of the insufficiency of my effort and decided the time had come to shave," Carney said. "So here I am the old me."

Carney originally debuted the new stubble in early January during his first briefing of the New Year. He joked at the time that his facial hair was homage to long-time bearded cbs white house correspondent Mark Knoller.


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