Love Yourself Week: Meditation

All this week, we are helping you love yourself in all aspects of your life, including finding peace of mind. ABC10's Carlos Saucedo goes deep in meditation to show us some of the health benefits.

To find peace within, sometimes you have to clear your mind – that's the philosophy behind meditation.

"It's been incredibly beneficial. One of the things I’ve taken up in my life,” said Liam Keating, a member of the Sacramento Dharma Center.

He’s been meditating for 15 years and within that time, he says he’s become a calmer person.

"We all face stress and suffering in our life and meditation is a way to work with that much more skillfully,” Keating said.

The center offers Buddhist meditation programs, but they welcome people of all faiths. Facilitators say you don't have to be a spiritual, person but it helps.

"What you may need is a willingness to have a life that you help create that is a good life,” Helen Hobart, board member at the Dharma Center, said. “Some people might say that's a spiritual aspiration, but it could just be practical.”

As practical as finding yourself stuck in a traffic jam and needing an outlet to relieve some stress.

There are different types of meditation, from simply just taking a few deep breaths to quietly sitting down for a few minutes and reflect or moving your entire body.

"Movement meditation gives people a chance to use their whole body to come to a place of self-awareness and stillness,” Hobart said.

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