1,000-year-old beverage could offer healthy alternative to coffee

A green liquid dating back about 1,000 years may provide the alternative to coffee that health-conscious individuals have been seeking.

Matcha is a potent green tea that has the caffeine coffee drinkers crave for their daily pick-me-up, as well as other ingredients said to improve mental clarity.

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea that is ground from tea leaves. In contrast to regular green tea water is infused with properties leached from steeped from leaves, Matcha delivers the effects and nutrients of the entire leaf. It has been used by Buddhist monks to improve focus, and by martial artists for its alleged six-hour energy boost.

There are downsides to Matcha however, primarily in cost. Prices for the green powder range from $12 to $36 dollars for a single ounce. Also, as with coffee, Matcha contains caffeine which can be addictive. It is recommended to start by drinking moderate amounts.

See how the News10 Good Morning team reacted to drinking Matcha in the gallery below:


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