6 ways you may be sabotaging your workout

Have you been working out all summer without any results? You may be sabotaging your workout!

Certified Fitness Professional Rose Zahnn is the owner of Healthy Habits in Sacramento. Zahnn explained the six mistakes you may be making during your workouts that are keeping you from your fitness goals.

Not warming up

"You really want to raise your body temperature, get some circulation," Zahnn said. Warm up not just your muscles, but also your ligaments, joints and tendons to prevent injury. You can warm up for five to 10 minutes on a stationary bike or a bike outside. If you are a jogger, start your workout with a five to 10 minute walk beforehand. Also, Zahnn said to be sure to warm up your upper and lower body prior to working out those muscle groups.

Not working opposing exercises

"We call those mirror muscles. A lot of people like to workout what they see in the mirror: their chest and their biceps, and they neglect their back. Or they do a lot of crunches, a lot of forward movements and they forget to strengthen the opposing movement," Zahnn said.

She said to make sure you're always working the opposing movement of each exercise.

"Your body is going to feel better, you'll have less injury and you'll look better, too," Zahnn explained.

Limited range of motion

"If you only work your limited range, you only build strength in that range," Zahnn said.

Your muscles were designed to work in a near full range of motion. Be sure you are extending the length of your muscles in every workout while maintaining a safe range.

"You really want to work your muscles the way they were designed," Zahnn said.

Working out too long

"When you workout past a certain point -- for most people it's an hour but it's different for everybody -- but you're depleting you muscle glycogen and your liver glycogen which is your fuel," Zahnn said.

If weight-loss is your goal, there is a point of diminishing returns. When you work out too long, you're stressing your body. There's a hormonal response that slows fat burning and most people tend to crave sugar and you have to fuel your body by eating more carbohydrates.

"Working out smarter -- not longer -- you actually get more bang for your buck," Zahnn said.

Not getting enought sleep

"If you're not getting enough rest and recovery, your body can't repair," Zahnn said.

We create stress hormones simply by going about our daily lives, but also after doing a taxing workout. Your body time to heal and recover. Also, the growth hormones that help build muscle work most efficiently while we rest.

Not eating enough

You may say to yourself, 'I want to lose weight,' but really, you want to lose fat and gain muscle because you want to be firm and tone.

"You have to eat enough calories -- and the right kind of calories -- to build lean muscle tissue while you're slowly burning off your body fat." Zahnn said.

It's important to get those ratios dialed in when it comes to eating the right amount of calories, enough protein and healthy fats.


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