Boy born with lung tumor living life to the fullest

At 15 years old, Grant Stenger is grateful to be alive. Before he took his first breath at birth, doctors were worried he may never be able to.

"I actually met Grant before he was born," UC Davis Children's Hospital Surgeon Dr. Diana Farmer said. "Because as a fetus, they identified that he had a tumor in his lung. That is quite rare – probably fewer than one in 10,000 live births."

The survival rate of operating on an infant with a lung tumor a decade earlier was variable, Farmer said.

But, thanks to the advances in medicine, Grant's odds were better. Weeks after he was born, Grant went in for major surgery.

"So I had the majority of my left lung removed – a little bit of both lobes actually," Grant said. "And with the help of Dr. Farmer, I actually got to keep part of my left lung as opposed to taking the entire lung out."

Grant showed only two symptoms: One side of his chest is concave (known as pectus) because he had too small a lung to expand his rib cage. He also has scoliosis, which he had surgery for in July.

Grants survival and health is thanks to the staff and treatment at the UC Davis Children's Hospital. The medical advancements and procedures practiced at the hospital give children with illnesses their best chance to survive.

"I probably wouldn't be around if I was born a few decades earlier," Grant said. "And that's only due to advancements all this funding so … gotta keep this stuff going because, one day it could be anyone."

Here's how you can help the Children's Hospital:

News10 and the Children's Miracle Network is teaming up to host the 20-hour Give for Kids Telethon (#Give4Kids) on Friday to help raise money for UC Davis Children's Hospital.

From 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. you can call 1-877-719-KIDS (5437) to donate using all forms of payment, including cash through a pledge.

Or go to to donate online.

Your donation will be used to improve, advance and support patient care at the UC Davis Children's Hospital. It's the cornerstone of the Children's Miracle Network -- money given by our community stays in our community.


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