3 cool ways to beat summer heat

SACRAMENTO, CA - There are thousands of products on the market to use to help you stay cool this summer.

Doctors say people need to make sure they properly take care of themselves to beat the heat to prevent dehydration, heat strokes and other heat related illnesses.

Experts at REI offer several unique products to cool you down on a hot day.

The coolest shirt at the store that will run you $50 is called the Omni Freeze Zero..

"When it gets wet, it actually activates and cools the skin," REI employee Geof Sewell said. "It's kind of a new thing."

Also, experts suggest people wear light colors during summer days because dark clothing draws in the heat.

Another unique item is called the "Kool Tie."

"There are beads inside and when they get wet there is a chemical reaction and it cools down," Sewell explained.


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