Summer Shape-Up #12: Alternating leg kicks (for abs)

By Valerie Rush

Alternating Leg kicks are harder than they look, but they are an amazing ab exercise.

How to:

1) Stand with Back against the pole. (pick one side of your spine rhomboid area-never directly on your spine) grab the pole above your head using a basic cup grip.

2) Start with one leg back behind the pole as this will be the first leg that is "kicked" up followed by the other.

3) Inhale, contract your abs, alternate kicking the legs, as you exhale. The higher you kick the legs, the harder this move.

Do 2 sets of 8

More about Valerie Rush:

Valerie Rush is a nationally certified fitness professional and owner of Vertical Fitness Studio. Valerie teaches Pole Fitness classes, Cardio-Strength classes as well as Aerial Hoop/Lyra. Her website is

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