What happens if a regular guy picks a fight with UFC's Urijah Faber?

SACRAMENTO, CA-There is no question, the UFC is full of some of the most dangerous men and women on the planet, including Sacramento's Urijah Faber.

"I'm not sure if we are considered deadly weapons, but we are deadly weapons," said a joking Faber. "We are deadly weapons, but we don't have to registerour hands."

These days, Faber only fights for a paycheck. Since 2003, the "California Kid" has had 34 professional fights (28-6), winning several titles, including the WEC Featherweight Championship, and still remains a top contender in the UFC Bantamweight division.

But what if a regular guy wanted to pick a fight with Faber?

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I decided to step into the ring for a couple of rounds togive him my best.For the record, Ihave trainedon and off for five years in kick boxing and muay thai. Buteven so, I couldn't landa singleclean punch on Faber, who at times was laughing at meduring our bout.

"I was impressed, I laugh when I'm nervous," said a sarcastic Faber. "Youdid really well, you did all the right things. I had a little bit of an edge. You took it like a man, let's say that."

During our little sparing match, it was clear Faber was using only 40 to 50 percent of his speed and power.Ifhewanted to inflict serious damage, it would have been easy.

But what if some guy at a bar, who had one too many, decided to pick a fight withFaber. Legally, what could a UFC fighter do? Could he defend himself, could he pummel a guy off the street and walk away?

Faber said he would avoid a confrontation at all costs, but admits if he was forced to defend himself he wouldn't hesitate.

"I've been training for 20 years, full time as an athlete, 11 years as a MMA fighter that's what I do for a job, you can imagine it would pretty ugly," Faber said.

Back in 2006, Faber did find himself in a bar fight while on vacation in Indonesia, a fight that turned into a fight for his life.

"I was dancing with some girls and my buddies went home early so I was by myself," Faber recalled. "Somebody wanted to fight me, and I shunned it off at first, but he was a little persistent and I was like, 'alright man, I'm not afraid of a fight.'"

But the fight quickly escalated into a huge brawl with Fabertrying to defend himself against 12 guys.

"Got hit with brass knuckles in the back of the head, and fought threeguys. Then, I ran into the club and I got attacked by10 guys," Faber said."I got out of the club andgot corned and had to fight four guys. Ran all the way back to the club, jumped into a taxi and finally got away and went to the hospital."

Faber needed stitches in seven different spots on his head, suffered a hemotoma on his leg;he still has scars on his back.

"On the drive away just covered in blood it was the happiest I have ever been," Faber said. "I was so thankful that I was alive and got out of the situation. I was euphoric."

Faber,who willcontinue to keep his fights in the Octogan, is coming off two victories against Ivan Menjivar and Scott Jorgenson. He isscheduledto face Yuri Alcantara on Aug. 17 in Boston.


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