The California Highway Patrol says the Mosquito Road Bridge near the American River in Placerville is closed due to a roadway failure.

CHP posted several pictures of the roadway Saturday. The road is closed indefinitely and officials from the El Dorado County Department of Transportation say they do not know how long it will take to fix the road.

The erosion was caused by water from a stream that flows into the American River. Bill Cain took video of the giant crater with his GoPro. He told us there has been so much rain in Placerville that it just "doesn't know where to go".

"Tremendous amount of rain this year, extraordinary moss and greenery, it's been phenomenal," he added.

Cain took us down to see underneath the gaping hole to show us the erosion.

"This drain just couldn't handle the amount of water coming down from the sky," Cain said, "It's taken all the earth around the drain you can see it's like a 3 foot drain, it could not handle what was going on with that creek, washed out the road and that's what is happening all over California".

Placerville is in El Dorado County which has a rich mining history, not all of the caves and mines are marked so you never know what could be underneath you. Cain said erosion like this happens all over the area.

"It's going to take the people that live up here an extra 45 minutes to get home on a daily basis," he added.

The County of El Dorado will be taking care of the hole, a process they said will take some time.

No further details have been released.