We took a trip around the valley to some of the places that were hit the hardest by recent floods and these folks told ABC10 that they feel like they can't catch a break preparing for flooding once more.

Point Pleasant, located south of Elk Grove was the first stop. There were sandbag filling stations and homes surrounded, bracing for the next storm. Mary Hodge lives there and said she was afraid after the last storm flooded underneath her home.

"It is horrible to see the water rushing to your house, it just creeps," Hodge said. "That's why it is so stressful you are worried you are going to lose everything."

Hodge said this time she is praying it won't be as bad.

"Please slow down rain," she said as she looked above.

Down the I-5 in Thorton, businesses prepared for the worst. Convenient store owner Harpreet Nurpuri said she couldn't afford flood insurance.

"We are still worried and we watched the news everyday to see what's happening around us," Nurpuri said. "We take our paper documents to the highest place in the office."

On the other side in Walnut Grove, many are hoping for the best. New Hope RV Park manager, Jim Timberlake, said winter was tough and he expects spring to be just as bad.

"Over the next few days we should get like 5 more feet, so it will be back under water again," he said.

The people who live at the park aren't expecting to return to their spots until earlier summer.

"I'm considering ourselves levee dwellers now," Timberlake laughed. "It's better than sharp poke in the eye with a dull stick, its mother nature can't do much about it."