3 bad financial habits and how to break them

Many of you out there may feel like your money goes as quickly as it comes. MSN.com revealed the top ways to break those bad habits, using information from members of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission.

Bad habit: Paying bills late

Late fees can be as much as 10 to 15 percent of your monthly bill.

How to break the habit: Being more organized will help. Set up calendar reminders through your email or phone to alert you when bills are due.

You might also consider setting up auto pay so the bills are paid automatically from your bank account each month.

Bad habit: Taking out a loan for everything

If you're putting daily purchases on credit cards and not paying them off right away, you're collecting more interest every month and digging a financial hole.

How to break the habit: Whenever you get paid, pay yourself first. Set aside an amount, automatically deducted from your pay, to set up an emergency fund.

You could put away $10 a week, you'd have $520 by the end of the year for emergencies.

Bad habit: Over Spending

This leads to just about every financial problem and bad habit, from mounting debt to feeling like you need to take out a loan.

How to break the habit: Keep track of your expenses online or with an app on your phone.

Mint.com is one of the most well-known personal finance management tools, but there's also Manilla.com, DailyCost.com and Checkme.com (to name a few).

You could also try to delay your purchases. For instance, if you're buying something online, wait a couple of days and ask yourself if you still need or want this item.


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