Foods expected to rise in price in 2015

2015 means new laws, and new prices for some of California's most popular foods. The state's drought continues to cause price hikes on certain foods, and it extends beyond California's borders. Below is a list of foods which are expected to rise in price this year.

1. Avocados

Your guacamole could soon cost you more. Avocados are growing in popularity and demand; pair that with the California drought, and farmers are warning of an upcoming shortage.

Growing a pound of avocados requires more than 70 gallons of water and 95 percent of the avocados grown in the U.S. are from California farms.

2. Eggs

A new law in California is changing the way farmers keep their chickens. The animals will now have to be kept in cages with enough space to move around. Altering cages will by costly -- and that cost will likely be passed on to consumers.

"When things settle out, eggs will be between 10 to 40 percent more expensive for consumers, but here today they're more like 60 or 70 percent higher than they would have otherwise been," economist Dan Sumner said.

3. Olive oil

The drought isn't just impacting California. Drought conditions in Europe could push a popular pantry item - olive oil - into a higher price point.

Producers in Spain have just encountered a very dry year, while in Italy, the olive crops have been hit by a fly infestation.

Because of this, the olive oil supply was decreased, but the demand has risen by 50 percent over the past two decades.


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