5 things News10 is doing to conserve water

More than 140 people work at News10 - a building located at 4 th and Broadway and is the size of one city block.

Of course, with an enormous building and a lot of employees, there is a lot of water used and even wasted. News10 called Sacramento Water Conservation Specialist Elizabeth McAllister to audit our water use and give us tips on how to save. We also called in our landscapers and air conditioning maintenance companies to answer questions and make necessary repairs.

During the water use audit, McAllister found that the sprinklers were off the mark: an irrigation line was broken by a tree root; a sprinkler was like a mini geyser that was watering a car instead of the grass. As a part of the audit, we pulled and reviewed our recent water bills and found that in November, News10 used 7,700 gallons of water on irrigation per day.

Inside the building, McAllister found that the toilets, urinals, bathroom faucets and showers used a lot of water. While fixing the toilets and urinals would mean replacing them with more efficient models, adding aerators to the faucets and shower heads would reduce water flow by 60 percent.

Next, McAllister headed to the roof. Around the cooling tower for the air conditioner, she found a significant amount of water on the roof. Maintenance and McAllister said this was sign of damage to the cooling system.

News10 took a look at McAllister's findings and implemented these five measures to conserve:

  1. Repair broken sprinkler head(s) and irrigation line
  2. Replace and redirect sprinklers
  3. Repair leaking cooling tower/AC unit
  4. Place aerators in all sink faucets and shower heads
  5. Significantly reduce watering time


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