Antelope horror: Spirits haunt woman's home

ANTELOPE, CA - This is the time of year for tales of ghosts and haunted houses. But Angelita Bouche and her family don't need a special time of year; she believes they live in a haunted house.

"Anyone sitting here on the couch will see an apparition in the hallway, out of the corner of their eye," Bouche said. "But when they turn around, there's nothing there."

If that doesn't scare you; how about ghostly knocks on her bedroom door at 2 a.m.?

"I'll get up and answer it, but the hallway will be empty," Bouche said.

Bouche moved into the home six months ago. It was about two months ago that the ghostly activity really began, she said.

"My sister and I were sitting out in the backyard when we saw a dark figure," Bouche recalled. "It looked just like a man but its eyes were glowing."

"We were scared, and ran into the house!" Bouche's sister Chantal Reyes said.

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But once they got inside, the doors in the hallway began slamming closed, the picture on the TV went to white noise and the two sisters were convinced something paranormal was going on.

"I believe there are several spirits here," Chantal said.

The sisters believe most of the spirits are friendly, except one. They said the shadowy figure they saw in the backyard and was slamming doors in the hallway has a negative energy.

Chantal is worried about her sister.

"I think she should move out," Reyes said.

The week before Halloween, a crew from HPI, Haunted Paranormal Investigations came out to investigate the activity. It was the second time they visited the house.

"There was a tragedy here in the backyard, it happened several years ago," HPI leader Paul Dale Roberts said.

During the evening, the crew tried to pick up EVP's or electronic voice phenomena on their digital recorders. Roberts asked a question of "whatever spirit might be nearby" and seemingly got no response. But when the recording was played back, he did hear a breathy voice that said, what sounded like, the word "over."

Another investigator caught what sounded like a deep sigh and a third, a peculiar whistling.

Infrared cameras, however, picked up nothing. Pictures from several digital still cameras had strange orbs in them. Investigator Jon Koyasako believed he could make out a face in one of them.

The investigators are as convinced as the sisters that there is paranormal activity at the home.

Who and why, Bouche's Antelope home is haunted remains a mystery.

But, for the time being at least, Bouche doesn't need anyone to tell her a ghost story; all she has to do is answer the knock on her bedroom door in the middle of the night.

By Jonathan Mumm,


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