Estranged wife: Cal Fire battalion chief texted before, after his girlfriend was murdered

SACRAMENTO - In the early morning hours after Cal Fire Battalion Chief Orville "Moe" Fleming's girlfriend was murdered, he texted his estranged wife and seemed to blame her for his girlfriend's death.

Fleming, 55, is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend, 26-year-old Sarah Douglas. She was found dead in their home in the 9300 block of Fox River Way on Thursday, May 1.

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Meagan Fleming, whose divorce becomes final this month, shared with News10 the chilling series of text messages exchanged before and after the murder.

On the afternoon of Monday, April 28, Moe Fleming sent a text asking, "Can we put us and our family back together!?"

Meagan Fleming replied, "No!!! It's over sorry!! I gave you many chances.. Please leave me in peace now. You already hurt me soo bad. I'm over it. Never going back to a cheater... Never. But God bless you!! Now leave me alone!!!!"

Despite the stern rejection, Moe Fleming made one more attempt, "Come and pick me up... We're supposed to grow old together."

"He was saying 'I want my family back. Come get me, come pick me up,'" Meagan Fleming told News10. "I said, 'No. Absolutely not.'"

Late Wednesday, two nights after the initial text exchange, Douglas was stabbed to death in the home she had shared with Fleming outside Elk Grove.

At 2:31 a.m. Thursday, a couple of hours after the murder, Moe Fleming sent his estranged wife one final text, "You should have came and picked me up :( ."

"It's almost like it's my fault, you know?" Meagan Fleming said. "Because I wouldn't come get him and take him back, to put our family back together."

Although Meagan Fleming said Douglas began tormenting her and her adult children last year after Moe Fleming and Douglas began their complicated relationship, she read a statement to News10 that she hoped would help put the past behind for both families.

The Fleming family wants to reach out to Sarah's family to say that we are deeply saddened to hear about Sarah's death. It's such a tragedy for both our families. You lost a daughter, and Moe's kids lost their dad. This is a suffering for everyone.


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