Ex-West Sac police officer found guilty of rape, kidnapping

A former West Sacramento police officer accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty was convicted on multiple charges Thursday.

Sergio Alvarez, 38, was found guilty on 18 counts including rape, oral copulation against will and kidnapping by a Yolo County Superior Court jury. Jurors were hung on nine related counts.

Five women testified against Alvarez. When he took the stand, he denied the women's allegations in some cases or testified the sex was consensual.

The jury received the case nearly two weeks ago.

The jury announced they had reached a verdict on Wednesday, but the judge sent jurors back to deliberations after finding mistakes on how they filled out their verdict forms. On Thursday, it barely took the jury 15 minutes to clarify guilty verdicts on all remaining charges, including two counts of rape, five counts of kidnapping and multiple counts of forced oral copulation.

The verdict per count:

  • Count 1: Guilty
  • Count 2: Guilty
  • Count 3:Guilty
  • Enhancement 3A: True
  • Count 4: Hung
  • Count 5: Hung
  • Enhancement 5A: N/A
  • Count 6: Hung
  • Count 7: Hung
  • Enhancement 7A: N/A
  • Count 8: Guilty
  • Count 9: Guilty
  • Count 10: Guilty
  • Enhancement 10A: True
  • Count 11: Hung
  • Count 12: Hung
  • Enhancement 12A: N/A
  • Count 13: Guilty
  • Count 14: Hung
  • Enhancement 14A: N/A
  • Count 15: Guilty
  • Count 16: Guilty
  • Count 17: Hung
  • Enhancement 17A: N/A
  • Count 18: Hung
  • Count 19: Guilty
  • Enhancement 19A: Hung
  • Count 20: Guilty
  • Enhancement 20A: True
  • Count 21: Guilty
  • Enhancement 21A: True
  • Count 22:Guilty
  • Enhancement 22A: True
  • Count 23: Guilty
  • Count 24: Guilty
  • Enhancement 24A: True
  • Count 25: Guilty
  • Count 26: Guilty
  • Count 27: Guilty
  • Enhancement 27A: True
  • Count 28: Dismissed
  • Count 29: Dismissed
  • Count 30: Dismissed

After they were dismissed, some of the jurors spoke outside the courthouse with reporters.

"You're in there for a month, and it's hard to not allow some of the personal things that are going on in people's lives interject and come into the jury room," jury foreperson Dwayne Chapel said.

Chapel added that the jury had a difficult time going through all the evidence.

"There were some pieces that you couldn't even duct tape together," Chapel said. "You know, there were just some holes that even logically you couldn't really connect, so if you can't do that, then it's hard to find someone guilty of certain things."

Juror Harold Takahashi said he found some of the victims less convincing than others.

"Their testimony wasn't always coherent," Takahashi said.

Not all the jurors were satisfied with the outcome. One juror, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he thought Alvarez was guilty on all counts, including the nine that were hung.

"It's devastating what happened to these women," the juror said. "I can't imagine that there aren't others out there that were also victimized."

As the case moves to the sentencing phase, Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig called a news conference to announce his plans.

"As a result of those crimes against these vulnerable victims and his horrific betrayal of his position of trust as a police officer, we will be asking that he spend the rest of his life in prison," Reisig said.

Members of the West Sacramento Police Department, including Chief Tom McDonald, were also at the news conference.

When asked what kind of long-term impact this case will have on his department's ability to have trust with the public, McDonald responded, "Unfortunately, I think it's always going to be there."

Reisig has the option of retrying the counts that were hung, but the lead prosecutor said Thursday, it's premature to decide on that.

Alvarez will be back in court April 4 for sentencing.


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